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Networking Commitee Presents ...

Ashton Support Services

The Ashton Community Foundation joins with the City Council of Ashton in giving support to an area listing of local support services which is available here in PDF form. It was prepared with the cooperation of the Networking Committee and provides a quick, one-stop look at services available in our area. Please feel free to copy and distribute as needed.

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Ashton Connects!

Ashton Connects

The Community Assets Directory

(Arts & Crafts)

The logo for Ashton Connects really tells the story: this is the newest effort to bring together the creative energies and sometimes-little-known personal talents which abound within our community.

Over a year ago, the Horizons program planted seeds encouraging the town to look around and see the strengths that exist here; to change perceptions from "limited" to "filled with potential." Other programs in earlier times had encouraged the same philosophy, so what we are about is not a new idea.

Ashton Connects is a networking challenge, using an approach called "asset mapping." Hopefully, the approach will surface new discoveries of people and cottage industries (real or imagined) and, with those discoveries, create new connections. This will be a-one-step-at-a-time venture, however, and the first step will be: gathering specific information about expertise and interest in the area of ARTS AND CRAFTS.

Please fill out our secure, on-line survey form to become a part of this treasure hunt. Our cup is half full, maybe more. Collected data will be made available in hard copy to the community. (Privacy Policy).

Grateful acknowledgement is given to these organizations who contributed training and support for the asset mapping project.

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